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With the power to match and even exceed the leading institutions rates, conditions and loan offers, we will find the best loan solutions at the most competitive rates. Same day approval for your car. Get a call back from Darren in 60 minutes!

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Our long association and high standing with financial institutions combined with a commitment to service means that we can complete your application faster, easier, and more price effectively than if you were to try and negotiate directly yourself.

What Our Clients Say

"I found my dream car and that's where the fairy-tale almost ended. I went through a few brokers to get the best deal; unfortunately they don't tend to inform you the damage they can create to an untarnished credit file when it is not their file. By now enquiries were a problem, credit score plummeting and after waiting for four months for my vehicle to be manufactured, the dream of owning this car was becoming hazy and sinking from reality fast. When I stumbled across 'IdoCarLoans' (Darren Gillie), I assumed this would simply be another broker that would add another few enquiries to my credit file and nothing more! How wrong I was... Darren was an absolute pleasure to deal with not only did he investigate my personal financial circumstances thoroughly, he also did background checks on prior declines and he collected our entire portfolio of evidence on various financial details. Once all critical investigations were concluded, he researched his lenders and their min criteria as to ensure that the one shot was the only shot needed to secure financing for my vehicle. Finally an approval it is without a doubt Darren's commitment, dedication, industry knowledge and most importantly care factor that most certainly set him aside from the rest of the pack. It is at this point in time that I recommend Darren's services not only to my friends and family but to anyone who reads this note, as obtaining a service to the level of which Darren has supplied has become a rare commodity. I hope that Darren realises daily how his performance in his career affects people's lives because he has certainly made a huge difference in mine. To conclude, my wife has had multiple strokes and this vehicle which Darren has managed to secure my finance on will be used to successfully get my wife and I to Brisbane and Townsville for her many hospital visits and back home safely and in comfort (as she is unable to fly). I cannot express my gratitude."

Neil Filmalter